DJ Accounts

BroadcastMyself Android

If you are using a broadcast program called BroadcastMyself on your android phone to connect as a DJ to SonicPanel radio AutoDJs, you have to add +1 to your DJ connection port in the BroadcastMyself
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DJ Profile Pictures

DJ Profile Pictures are available for each DJ on the DJ PanelEvery DJ can upload their own profile picture from their DJ Panel if the DJ account is given Upload Profile Picture permission.Once the DJ
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How To Create an Assistants/Mod Account ?

Moderator/Assistant account is the same account as DJs but without 'DJ Can Stream Music' option. Click on the Create a DJ Account link from the left menu. This way, you can create Moderator/Assistant
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Record Live DJ Shows

How To Record:You can record your all DJs live shows to an MP3 file and you can also download them from your SonicPanel clients, so you can re-upload them and use in playlists as well.Login to your
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DJ Panel

DJs can login to the SonicPanel with the DJ username and DJ Password from the port 2080. http://ServerIP:2080 or http://domain:2080Notice: SSL login is not supported for DJ Panel, however they can
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How To Stream As a DJ ?

To connect and stream as a DJ, the AutoDJ of the radio must be online.Download and install any of your favorite stream program to your computer, such as VirtualDJ, Sam, AltaCast, Butt Encoder,
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How To Create a DJ Account ?

DJ accounts can be managed/created from the client side SonicPanel only. DJ accounts can login to the SonicPanel by using the port 2080, so they can see their DJ account password or information
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